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Khamis, 7 April 2016

Solar Powered Mosquitoes Equalizer Killer With Solar Light

Solar Powered Mosquitoes Equalizer Killer With Solar Light
Solar Powered Mosquitoes Equalizer Killer With Solar Light Function, this new design solar light with bug zapper attracts and kills mosquitoes and other small flying insects while providing white LED light for your lawn, garden, path or walkway.  2-in-1 light/bug zapper saves money. Uses no chemicals. No wiring necessary. Easy installation.
The stated of the art insect killer uses nontoxic ultraviolet light to eliminate mosquitoes, biting flies, and other insects over a 1-acre area.  The insect killer is cleaner and safer than its chemical counterparts, and its patented no clogging killing grid eliminates the grid clogging that can short-circuit the unit or cause flare-ups of insect remains. The insect killer features high-impact construction and a protective outer enclosure to prevent children, pets, birds, or wildlife from contacting the charged grid.
Fast and easy to install
Super bright white & UV LED
Environmentally friendly with solar power
No electricity or wiring needed
Switch between light and bug zapper
Metal safely frill and internal translucent finger shield
Dusk to dawn sensor for Zapper & Solar Light
6000mA rechargeable battery (included)
Solar panel: 2.5W/6V
AC-DC adaptor for fast charging
lighting mode: 16 bright LED bulb
Safe, no wiring required and lights up automatically at night
Out of the box and into the ground installation
1-Year OEM limited warranty

RM 200 Per Unit

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